Lionettes Instagram Takeover


The Lionettes in Downtown Disney via the Lionettes Instagram @ils.lionettes.

Ella Perez, Writer

The ILS Lionettes Instagram spotlights what the team does and what they are about through pictures posted throughout the year and creative Instagram stories. Their Instagram has 626 followers and 82 posts. The account is run by senior Andrea Lavista, Coach Janelys Gonzalez, and Coach Esther Pazos.

Every post is run by Ms. Denise De Arce to make sure that there are no spelling errors on the post. 

The objective of the Instagram is to make the Lionettes more well known to people, including those who would be interested in joining the team. Those who run the account try to post three pictures a day so that the account stays up to date. 

On the Instagram, information about try outs are posted. In the fall, the Lionettes posted pictures of the girls before performing at the first home football game. In addition, to pictures about pep rally and competition that occurred in January.

They also updated their followers about what was happening and what they were doing during their national competition in Orlando called Contest Of Champions. 

The Lionettes not only post pictures on their account, but they post on their Instagram stories. The Instagram stories last for 24 hours and are used by the Lionettes to showcase different things including takeovers, events that recently occurred, and more. During the week before and of Contest of Champions, each girl had one day to post what they do in a day as a Lionette. 

The Lionettes also posted on their personal accounts Instagram stories of a Lionette Bingo, in which they tagged the Lionetttes Instagram so that the account is able to repost their pictures on its story.

Lionette Bingo was a bingo game that the Lionettes had to check off different boxes, any of which applied to them, such as hair sprayed by Ms. Esther, had a solo, and more of what might have occurred to them this past year. 

Coach Janelys Gonzalez enjoys being able to run the Lionettes account. 

“My favorite part of the Instagram is being able to work with the captain in creating content and being able to post about the Lionettes to spread the word about how far they’ve come. The Instagram gives the girls a way to express themselves through a social media platform that is different then their own,” she said. 

While in quarantine, the girls have not stopped staying connected. Last week, they did a Lionettes spirit week, where they did a challenge everyday. On Monday, the Lionettes had to post about their makeup on their personal accounts and tag the Lionettes.

Tuesday, they had to post their favorite tik tok dance. Wednesday, they had to post their workout routine to show that they are still exercising during quarantine. 

Thursday, the girls had to post a video of them doing their favorite turns. Finally, they posted a flash back Friday post, showing their favorite memory from any point of the year. 

The Lionettes keep others in the know of what is going on in their day to day lives. They want others to know how passionate they are about the team and how much hard work is put into the team. For more information about the Lionettes, follow their Instagram @ils.lionettes.