The Story Behind The Good Morning Messages


Alexia Menendez, Writer

The Good Morning videos have become a Salesian Tradition for the ILS community. As virtual school continues, every student receives an email with a link to a Good Morning video from our school principal Sr. Kim, who is often assisted by Sr. Suzanne.

During the first week of Good Morning videos, they were all made towards Easter preparations from home. The second week was filmed at school! And we have an inside scoop that the next videos will be from our school chapel.

“The Filming is very simple,” Sr. Kim explained via email. “I speak, Sr. Suzanna films using either our phones or iPad.”

It’s as easy as that!

Sr. Kim went on to explain tha the real purpose of the Salesian Good Morning Videos is “to leave each person with an uplifting, spiritual thought which they can use during the day, especially when facing a difficult moment. It is a source of encouragement to stay true to oneself and one’s faith.”

Those are some thoughtful words encouraging us to watch all the Good Morning videos sent to us on the daily.

After filming the Good Morning videos, Sr. Kim and Sr. Suzanne got amazing feedback from our students and staff watching. The videos have greatly affected many students and ILS staff who may or may not being dealing with hard times.

Feedback has included thanking the Sisters for their works, their encouraging nature and positivity.

Sr. Kim and Sr. Suzanne are spreading positivity in the best way possible, with videos so inspiring and helpful for the ILS community. Sr. Suzanne sees is as a way to be more creative. One of the ideas came to be “the towel and the basin.”

Sr. Suzanne said, “I was inspired by my being in the kitchen these days as the gospel for Holy Thursday.”

For Easter, they made a video, which inspired the “Jelly Bean story.” “The Crown Of Thorns” part of the video was inspired by Good Friday as well as the Coronavirus.

Sr. Suzanne then spoke about the Salesian Tradition, “Saint John Bosco always gave a good night thought to his boys. Since we don’t have you in the evenings, we give the Good Morning thought to start the day with something positive and spiritual.”

“This is done in every Salesian school all over the world,” Sr. Suzanne explained.

If you’re going through a troubling family matter or just need a few words of encouragement, watch a Good Morning video to brighten your day.

Here’s today’s: