What Will Life Be Like After Quarantine?


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Everyone knows how their lives were before social distancing but no one knows what it will be like after…

Humans tend to take everything they have for granted. For example going for a walk in the park is already something huge that no one is thankful for. Now that everyone is stuck inside they’re slowly seeing how much they took things for granted.

After about a month in quarantine ILS students have a lot of guesses about what will happen when this is all over.

“I think traveling is gonna change a lot like now in the security section of the airport they’re gonna check if you’re sick they’ll check you temperature because just like 9/11 this is gonna change our world because it’s put the whole world on a stop,” said junior Andrea Vasquez.

Junior Oriana Davila thinks the way people greet each other will change, that everyone will be more conscious with the earth, unfortunately a lot of people without jobs, and the economy.

Junior Valentina Dal Bosco says, “I think a lot more people will be working from home after everything is over because over this time some people have seen how it’s pointless for them to work in a crowded office when they can work from their house.”

ILS students have also learned to be thankful for what they have and never take anything for granted.

“We took a lot for granted and now we don’t have them and we’re suffering, also enjoy nature and don’t tell yourself “I’ll do this tomorrow or next week,” do it now make the time worth it cause you never know when you won’t able to do things anymore,” said junior Andrea Vasquez.

Junior Carla Valdano added, “I will be doing more activities than I’ve done in the past because you never know when the end of the world is and you don’t know when you can die.”

Everyone should try to do more activities at home and try new things don’t be scared to live your life to the fullest.

Traveling is likely to remain tightly restricted, as societies that have controlled their outbreaks seek to keep new ones from breaking out.

During pandemics people always look out for one another in ways that they might have not done before. Our society will look out for one another, take care of the needy, and love each other.

After the pandemic is gone we will all look back to the precautions we didn’t take to prevent the virus from spreading so much, every country will definitely be ready to combat a virus.