The Royal Courier and LTV Stays Informing the ILS Community


Sasha Kuntz, Writer

The Journalism and LTV classes of Immaculata La Salle are still producing great quality content even with the obstacle of working from home and being in social isolation. Students of both these classes are keeping up with their work, and putting out news weekly.

With school being closed for the time being, the students of both these classes have been working hard to keep others informed. 

This is a great way to keep the ILS community connected with events and news going on. Watching LTV and reading the Royal Courier. 

The ILS student newspaper is an online publication found at

The ILS Royal Courier is still going strong. Although there are some challenges faced when producing work from home, students are still keeping up with their weekly articles. 

Mr. Fernandez, teacher of the journalism class, touches on teaching from home. 

“Teaching the journalism class virtually has been challenging, because so much of what a journalist does requires face-to-face interaction and conversation. It’s much harder to simulate that via Zoom or email. It’s not the same.“

With what he said being true, there have also been some positive things to come out of this time, and the work La Salle writers are producing. 

“There are plenty of positives about working from home, but one I think that helps journalism is flexibility. The new schedule affords each writer a little more time to brainstorm, draft and ultimately craft a compelling story” says Mr. Fernandez. 

Being able to have more time writing and constructing ideas is definitely a plus, even when there are less school events to cover. 

LTV, that typically airs every school day day before lunch, is still going on with this schedule. The segments are posted almost daily and it’s really great to still be able to watch them on school days. 

Kat Romanach, senior at La Salle is a fan of LTV. “I am actually really glad that we can still watch the segments because it reminds me of school where we would watch it every day before lunch. That is definitely something I would’ve missed if they didn’t do it over quarantine”. 

Yesterday was earth day and LTV produced an amazing segment with a great video made by Michael Bared and there were even some clips of teachers.