Quarantine with the Sisters!

Taken at ILS

Paola Rodriguez, Writer

During these troubled times, the nuns have been  keeping busy during there quarantine. Sr. Kim, along with Sr. Suzanne, and Sr. Marie Fe have been enjoying spending time together these past weeks, and have been very productive with their time. 

Sr. Kim, unfortunately has had to go back to the ILS campus to follow up with work, but she has still remains with a positive mindset, and continues praying for all of our families. 

“Outside of school hours,I have been quilting, enjoying walks with Missy, catching up on some of my favorite TV shows and movies and taking more time for praying,” said Sr. Kim, Principal of ILS. 

As an alternative to being physically present in mass, the sisters attend televised masses everyday. In addition to mass, the sisters have taken upon themselves to add an hour of adoration of the Bl. Sacrament in their chapel to their weekend  schedule. 

Taken at ILS
Sister Sue with students at ILS.

“This is one of the blessings we have since our house is a house for religious, we are able to have the blessed sacrament in our home. For mass, we usually watch a pre-recorded mass, such as Bishop Barron, and then we receive communion because we have consecrated hosts in our tabernacle,” said Sr. Suzanne. 
As well as praying being a huge priority, they post “Good morning videos” on the ILS Instagram. Spreading love and positivity is one of the most important goals at ILS. 

“I have received positive comments and ‘thank you’…I am very camera shy so I am not the best one to have in front of a camera but I try my best and let God be the inspiration through the message. It is a Salesian Tradition and I always gave the good morning when we were on campus so it is important to continue virtually, hoping it helps someone have a great day!” said Sr. Kim. 

Sr. Suzanne has also kept busy during quarantine. She has been cooking for the nuns, taking several walks with her dog Missy, as well as swimming. Sr. Kim has also taught Sr. Suzanne and Sr. Marie Fe a card game, “Canasta.” They have also all enjoy watching movies together every now and then. 

In ILS, we strive to become fairly close to one another, and refer to ourselves as one big family. The nuns have a very good bond with students and faculty, and have missed them very much. 

For Easter, the nuns enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal, and even watched Andrea Bocelli’s concert!

Taken at ILS
Sister Marie Fe with ILS students at Super Kids Wellness Day.

“For Easter, we joined our Sisters in New Jersey online for Easter Vigil Mass (Holy Saturday night). Sunday morning, we did Easter Mass online again, and we had a nice breakfast, and dinner. Sr. Suzanne is a great cook! We had a nice ham and I made a chocolate trifle dessert (chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and strawberries, in layers). We also watched Andrea Bocelli’s Easter concert, watched a movie, and talked to friends and family. We also did adoration for an hour to spend some quality time with our Lord. So it was a beautiful, and relaxing day,” said Sr. Marie Fe.

During quarantine, it is always important to keep a positive mindset with everything that has been happening outside of our homes. It’s also very important to thank God for our blessings and pray that the majority of people remain healthy. 

“I trust that God is going to get us through this, and in the meantime, we are growing and learning in so many ways. We’re reaching out to God and others, and being more thankful, simple, and humble,” said Sr. Marie Fe.

ILS prays for you and your family’s health during these difficult times. Stay positive, healthy, and happy!