Pro’s of eating healthy and working out during quarantine


Lia Sarria, Writer

People all around the world have been stuck at home which leads to boredom and when your bored you tend to get hungry. The downfall of this is that people are hungry all the time now from being so bored, so here are some tips on how to eat healthy and workout.

The mind tends to play tricks on you when you are bored or just thirsty. It makes you think your hungry when really you just need some water or to do something new. Everyone has been lying around binge watching movies and tv shows but at some point this will end. When this ends we will most likely be in summer time which means no baggy clothing.

Maintaining a healthy diet and work out schedule right now is crucial for many reasons.

One of them being keeping your body healthy while a disease is on the loose can save you from catching it or dying if you do catch it. As scary as that sounds it is the truth.

Being in shape is not only for physical appearances but affects everything you do.

Junior Alexandra Soler has been keeping up with her healthy lifestyle. “Maintaining a good diet keeps your mind sharp and your body strong for any obstacles,” she said.

Staying healthy is not only about what you eat but how much sleep you get. Irregular sleeping can cause your appetite to change, imbalanced hormones, and reduce your mental performance.

A big tip a lot of different people say is to drink a glass of water before your meals. That way you won’t over eat and it boost the number of calories you burn.

When it comes to working out you need to go at the speed your body can. If ur new to working out, take it slow and gradually go harder. 

There are many YouTube videos on workouts (try one here, or another one here) for all the different parts of your body. You can also go for a long walk, run, biking, or roller blading. 

When Alessandra Fernandez was asked how she has kept up her workout routine she replied, “I’ve recently found a passion for yoga, not only does it relax me but actually works out my body.”

Making healthy food can sometimes taste bland and boring but luckily adding herbs and spices actually helps with weight loss or maintain your weight. You’ve got options like Healthy Baked Chicken Parmesan, and Skinny Chicken Marsala.

Keeping your body healthy can actually make you feel better about yourself emotionally and physically. When quarantine is over you can feel the best you have ever felt because you maintained or improved your health.

Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs