Online Exercise Classes During Quarantine


Camilla Diez, Editor

In order to keep yourself active and fit with quarantine being the new norm, online exercise classes have been a huge hit. Many gyms and their instructors are hosting exercise classes through Instagram live, zoom, and YouTube. This allows everyone to maintain themselves active while still practicing social distancing. 

There are various classes on Instagram Live, but the most popular ones are hosted by Stunna’s Fit, a popular gym located in South Miami. Their live videos air every morning at 9 am and anyone can join. Even though many can’t join at that time due to school, work, etc., they leave the live video up for 24 hours so that anyone can do it when they have a chance that day. 

The workouts they provide are amazing and keep you very busy. Quarantine can be very difficult at times because we aren’t as active as we usually are, so this is a great way to keep active.

Another popular gym in Miami, Barry’s, offers Instagram Live classes twice a day for 20 minutes. Class times vary and are shared on their instagram story daily. These live workouts are saves for on-demand viewing on IGTV

Also on Instagram, many models including Devon Windsor are going live at home to show their favorite workouts. Many people are getting hyped up to workout with these instagram lives.

Another way exercise classes are being held is through the application Zoom. Since classes through zoom are more private and the instructor can work with you, there is a fee that varies form instructor to instructor.

Zoom classes that are available also include yoga and zumba classes. These classes are usually for about 10 people.

Lastly, YouTube offers many different types of classes. From beginner to advanced classes and from no equipment to little equipment is needed. 

YouTube classes are free and anyone has access to them. Many instructors are taking their time and posting their exercise routines to there channels. You can find these classes by searching up what you are most interested in doing in the workout aspect.

All these methods are great ways to keep yourself active while also having fun during quarantine.