Mental health and music


Alvaro Amat, Writer

During this quarantine it can be very stressful because of the current virtual school. Through many studies it has been proven that certain types of music can reduce your stress levels and relax your muscles.

The music with the most impact on your mental state has been proven to be classical music, in specific Mozart’s music. You may have heard of the Mozart effect. This study showed that Mozart’s music and have a big impact on are humans mental health.

The most accepted reason as to why what classical music can have this impact is well they considered just because of the way he composed. Mozart’s music has been proven to be very effective for studying as well as Bach’s music.

The most famous of his pieces that are known to improvement in working are Mozart’s symphonies, Bach’s fugues and cantatas. These series of works have been listened all over the world and proven to improve with work ethic and quality.

Listening to these types of music can improve your work ethic and make sure you stay concentrated.