Plans For Memorial Day Weekend 2020


Sebastian Wolfe, Writer

As you all know, Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner but it will be much different from the previous years in the past.

To start, this year, Memorial Day weekend is only 4 days long as opposed to the 5 days we were given in previous years. Obviously this is because our schedule was adjusted because of the pandemic going on in the world today. Originally we were supposed to have 5 days off and seniors were supposed to graduate this week. Instead they are graduating a week earlier. 

In years past Memorial Day weekend was an opportunity to take a small little vacation to anywhere you wanted for a couple days but because of travel restrictions and other issues caused by Covid-19 our options on activities are far more limited.

In Miami, starting on Monday May 18, the quarantine will start to loosen up. It will be a lot less strict, for starters, restaurants will begin to reopen and be able to seat people at 50% capacity indoors which is a step forward from 25% only out doors. Guests will be allowed only no more than 4 to a party and they will all have to be seated 6 feet away. 

Unfortunately that’s all we have for now. Beaches, gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters, barber shops, and hair salons. The time table for all of those to reopen remain unclear but the one clear thing about it is that they will not be opened for the long weekend.

Everybody loves Memorial Day for the long weekend we get but, people forget what the real purpose of the holiday is and it is an important one. Memorial Day is a day we celebrate to honor all those who have served or died while in the military or any branch of service for our country. If you have family or are close with anybody who has served their country you can thank them for their service and show them your appreciation and respect towards them. Maybe if you want to go take a look for yourself, you can go visit a graveyard for soldiers on Memorial Day and pay your respects to those that have fallen directly.

Just because of Memorial Day weekend is during quarantine it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything fun to do. For instance you can still find ways to entertain yourself at home and think of it as a longer break from school or work and do what you would normally do during quarantine. This weekend is actually a perfect opportunity for us to find out if we have any passions or personal hobbies you would like to pick up. If you’ve always wanted to try cooking you could spend a whole day doing that. Maybe you like reading a lot or want to try it, you could do that for a day. 

The point is there are actually a lot more possibilities and things you could spend your time doing while you’re stuck at home. It’s best to think of it as a new opportunity and not a set back.