Fun things to do during quarantine

These are things you can do during lockdown


Ryan Desalle, Writer

During these hard times in quarantine it might be hard to figure out how you could have fun when nobody’s around.

One exciting thing you can do during quarantine is play video games if you own a gaming device. This is a great way to pass the time and get your mind off what’s going on in the outside world. Many students have been putting a lot of time into there video games during this lockdown.

Another thing you can do is spend time with your frailty members in your household, whether it consist of family games, or movie night there’s always something fun you can figure out to do with your family around.

You can try arts and craft and making things with your household items. Such as creating your own game or making a poster. There’s many diys online on how to create your own games.

You can also FaceTime and talk to other friends on the phone and play games with them.

Junior, Adrian Cruz stated, “I’ve been having fun by playing a lot of NBA 2k, and FaceTiming a lot of my friends, it isn’t as bad when your minds focus.”

Another thing you can potentially do is go to your local park if it’s open, just make sure you follow the rules and guidelines they have set in place.

If you own a boat your now allowed to take it out so take advantage of this opportunity and don’t mind spending some time in the open waters.

The last thing you can do to have fun is make food with your family and enjoy new creative way to enjoy food.

As we soon enter phase 2 more activities will be opened to us and we can continue to find more things to do.