Revised Virtual Bell Schedule


Noor Andre, Editor

After receiving feedback regarding the virtual “bell” schedule administration has decided to make some slight adjustments to the bell schedule. The new schedule was implemented Wednesday, August 26, 2020 and will continue to be used until further notice.

The major updates are the start and end times for Day 1 A/B, Day 2M E/H, Day 2 E/F and the time and duration of lunch.

Students no longer have the 10 min check-in time. Students are expected to report to class at the start time of each block or will be marked tardy.

A and E block will now end at 9:15am instead of 9:30am. As a result to this, B, F, and G block on Day 2M will now start at 9:25am instead of 9:40am.

Lunch now starts at 11:05am and ends at 11:40am which gives students five extra minutes of lunch. Many students are very appreciative of these extra five minutes.

Senior Sophia Rabelo says, “Although five minutes don’t seem like a lot of time, it’s very helpful when trying to decide what to eat for the day.”

This new schedule also gives each block exactly 90 minutes. Unlike the old schedule was consisted of longer A and E blocks.


Picture of the revised schedule

In addition to the change in the bell schedule, there was a change regarding Zoom this week as well. In an email from Dean of Students on Wednesday, Ms. Varese reinforced the idea that students should not be laying down while zooming, or be zooming into their classes from cars.

She instructed that if there is an extenuating circumstance where a student must attend class via Zoom from their parent’s car, then the parent needs to email the teacher and copy Ms. Varese to explain that circumstance prior to the class starting. Ms. Varese said students need to make every effort to attend virtual classes from a quiet, practical location and avoid attending classes via Zoom from cars.

“We are off to a great start to our virtual learning platform and want to thank you for all of your hard work, time, and energy you are putting into the process,” Ms. Varese said in the email.