Cross Country Team Preview

Cross country team beginning practices and training


Ryan Desalle, Writer

From the beginning of quarantine last year many sports and practices have been cancelled and postponed due to covid -19.

Cross Country has recently began there practices again and our Ils team is on the rise for success. Coach Eddie is preparing these students to become the best of the best this year.

With a large ammount of off time the team has jumped right back into conditioning and training. The team has on campus practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 , and on Monday and Wednesday the team is suppose to practice from there homes. Saturday’s the team meets at tropical park to train as a whole.

This year senior Victoria Morrera was promoted to team captain due to her hard working and long experience with cross country. Victoria Morrera has proved her leadership through her first year here at ILS last year.

The team is being pushed to there full potential by Coach Eddy and Victoria Morrera and are there practices consist of 7-x-400 with a 1-minute rest in each runners 5K pace on Tuesdays, and 7-x-400 with a 2-minute rest for each runners 1-mile pace.

When not training on campus each team member is required to run three to five miles on their own and send the times to Coach Eddy. The cross country team is looking very strong this year with many new runners, including many freshman.

“Our team is looking very strong this year and I am very happy to be part of the team my senior year,” said senior Brandon Cuan.

The cross country season has started but due to COVID -19 ILS hasn’t been able to participate in the tournament in northern Florida. Soon, hopefully, the cross country team will return back to normal and attend all tournaments and meets.