ILS Seniors Welcome Freshmen Home With A Special Surprise!


Seniors Maximus Betancourt and Melanie Remond delivering a goodie bag to their freshman.

Sofia Farres, Editor-in-Chief

This past Wednesday, ILS seniors planned a welcome home surprise for the new freshmen class of 2024. 

Seniors drove to campus in the morning to pick up some welcome goodie bags that contained freshmen-senior unity t-shirts and some candy for 2-3 freshmen that lived nearby their houses. 

They also got their own t-shirt and a special breakfast made by the amazing Sage Dining crew! 

They delivered the goodie bags to the houses of these freshmen and, while following social distancing measures outlined by the CDC, were able to meet a few of the new students in person.  

“My experience while participating in the Welcome Freshmen event was very fun,” said senior Camila Casique. “I was so glad to be able to see the freshmen in person and truly welcome them into their home for the next 4 years.” 

Despite the rainy weather, students were thrilled to have been able to go back to campus for a bit and have a break from their virtual school routine to meet the newest members of the ILS family. 

“My absolute favorite part was the reaction of my freshman,” said senior Sophia Orihuela. “I had no idea he was going to react in such a surprised and happy manner, and although he was wearing a mask, I could tell just by the gleam in his eyes how happy he really was.”

Seniors were excited to be able to begin making a connection with the freshmen and they are ready and willing to be mentors for them and help them ease into their new home. 

“I’m most excited to pass on the torch of knowledge and give the Class of 2024 some words of wisdom,” said senior Maximus Betancourt. 

Being able to kick off their last year by welcoming the freshmen to ILS in such a unique way was a huge blessing for the seniors, and they really filled this event with the great amount of love and joy that is constantly present at ILS.