ILS Pet Parade


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

On September 11th ILS students with pets, were invited to dress them up in green and gold attire to participate in the Pet Parade.

With virtual school, administration has had to come up with fun ways to keep the students united and connected. Last Friday was a prime example of this, being La Salle’s virtual spirit day. One of the activities planned for this day, was pet parade. 

The idea for pet parade was a collaborative effort with the help of Ms. Quintero, Mrs. Sosa, and Ms. Varese. 

When asking Ms. Quintero how they came up with the idea she said, 

“Ms. Varese had seen a similar concept and wanted to see if it was something we could do as a student body. Mrs. Sosa and I loved the idea of having the pets dressed up in ILS spirit.”

Many students jumped at the opportunity to dress up their pets. They then submit their photos to a showbie folder, where some pets would be selected for the competition portion of the activity. The winner of the competition would also receive a pet smart gift card. 

During the first round of voting students got to choose the best dressed pet of their class. While the final round of voting was the best of each class. 

The lucky winner of the competition was Sophomore Santiago Pecchio’s dog! Congrats on the big win. 

Although not every bodies pet made it in the finals or even the voting rounds, many of the students were just happy to participate in the event.

When asking senior, Yohance Forde what he enjoyed most about pet parade he said,

“I really enjoyed seeing everyone participate and dress up their pets, and despite the competition I know how much more good looking my dog is compared to the others.”

All and all everyone can say they enjoyed the fun, light heartedness of the event during these trying times.