Picture Day During A Pandemic


Mia Castellon, Writer

Picture Day for 9th grade and transfer students will take place on September 24 in the gym.

All freshmen and transfers students are being excused from virtual classes all day on Thursday 9/24 to have their pictures taken. The pictures are for their Student ID and yearbook photo.

Given the unique circumstances of this school year concerning Covid-19, there are special safety measures being taken to protect everyone involved in Picture Day.

“Students must wear their masks the entire time they are in the gym,” said Ms. Spencer, “The only time the mask is removed is when they are about to take their photo. In that moment, only the photographer will be with them.”

In addition to wearing a mask, students are required to practice social distancing during this process, which is different from past Picture Days.

Ms. Spencer explained that after students come into the gym, give their name and photo package information, their photo will be taken. Following that, the student may leave.

Since other schools have followed this same protocol for Picture Day and been successful, ILS will be repeating the process in the future so as to continue practicing social distancing.

For 9th graders and transfer students, this is their first ILS Picture Day.

“I started getting ready last night by curling my hair,” said Victoria Harding, “ but I’m starting my makeup at 12:00.”

Like Victoria, many students have begun preparing to have their photo taken.

To recap, students must wear a mask at all times unless they are having their picture taken, practice social distancing, and report to the gym.