SGA Works Hard at Virtual Lock-In

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Sofia Farres, Editor-in-Chief

Last Friday September 18th, the ILS Student Government Association met on Zoom after school for their annual “Lock-In” to discuss the upcoming events for the year. 

Due to COVID-19, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the usual events that take place throughout the year. 

Events such as Homecoming have to be altered this year in order to abide by social distancing guidelines established by the CDC. 

“Most things will be taking place virtually, but I hope to implement much anticipated events into our new way of life,” said SGA President Charlize Ramos. 

Making these experiences fun and engaging despite the unusual circumstances is a challenge SGA has decided to take on with enthusiasm and determination. 

“I think the Lock-In was super beneficial for both my class board and SGA as a whole because it gave us a lot of hope for this year,” said Junior Class Secretary Alyssa Vega.  

“I was feeling a bit apprehensive of what this school year was going to look like, but there is nothing to be no worried about! We are going to work hard to make this year better than the last, even with all of these obstacles,” she continued. 

The Lock-In helped SGA members gather their ideas and brainstorm as a whole in order to figure out what would be best for the year, and it also helped them grow in their capabilities as leaders. 

“They came up with great ideas. This shows how successful they’re going to be throughout the year and I’m extremely proud of them,” said Ramos. 

Make sure to stay updated with the Royal Courier for more information on the year’s events as time goes on! Remember that SGA is always working to ensure that everything is as special as possible even despite the unfortunate circumstances.