NHS Board Elected

NHS Board Elected

Eliza Lee, Writer

This past week, the ILS National Honor Society elected its 2020-2021 executive board. This club recognizes exceptional students who use the society to serve the community and others through different activities, events, and fundraisers. 

Newly Elected Positions are as follows:

  • President: Belen Gonzalez
  • Vice-President: Grant Gold 
  • Secretary:  Meghan Swan
  • Treasurer: Emma Obregon
  • Junior Secretary: Delia Sauer
  • Junior Treasurer: Erin Swan
  • Media Coordinator: Allison Perez
  • Historian: Charlize Ramos

The new board strives to improve on their club and help others. In the words of Allison Perez, media coordinator, she wanted to be part of NHS “because it gives so much to the community.”

President Belen Gonzalez cited her determination and dedication as catalysts for her election, and intends to get as much service in for the club as possible. 

“When I commit to something I put all of my attention onto it and make sure that everything is perfect and exactly the way it should be,” said Gonzalez.

“I want to get as many people involved in service,” she said. “Another thing I hope to bring is new opportunity’s in collaboration with other clubs and programs to give back to our community in more than one way.”

This determination and love for others within NHS has sparked a strong will for service, even through the pandemic. Wishbone service project will continue its long-upheld tradition beginning in October, as the club modifies it to revamp and revitalize the project. They also intend to collaborate with other clubs to support the community from several different angles.

Information to participate in the Wishbone project coming soon.