New Policies During Lunch


Olga Cortes, Writer

Due to the recent pandemic, schools have been shut down. But recently schools have been starting to open back up. School have new policies and rules to help keep their student safe. ILS has implemented many new policies, especially during lunch.

Lunch is now completely different. Inside of the cafeteria, tables are divided by plexiglass, only allowing four people to sit at each table. Outside, only two people can sit together but they have to be sitting on the same bench.

Getting lunch is also different. You can not just walk up and get your food, like before.

First, you have to enter the cafeteria by the designated entrance door. Then you have to sit down at a table. You can not just go off and get your food. You have to wait for your table will the be called. Once your table is called you can go up and get your food.

“The school lunch can sound very confusing but if you just have patience it’s very organized and is very easy to follow,” said senior Lia Sarria.

Senior Anthony Yero said the ILS cafeteria has “never been quieter.” He went on to say: “Although the food is still as good as always, the environment just isn’t the same. With there being a huge glass separating everyone that’s sitting on a table, it’s hard to even understand what your friends are saying without shouting or speaking very loudly.”

If you would like to eat outside then you should grab your belongings and take them up with you when you get your food, then go eat outside.

“My friend Sofia Peñas and I were the only students who sat outside, so I found lunch to be quite peaceful,” said senior Lauren Fernandez. “Waiting for my table to be called was a little annoying, though, so I hope seniors get the privilege of being called first soon.”

The new lunch set up is a challenge to get used to. The new policies has affected the way people have lunch. One student, who wished not to be named, says that due to the tables being divided, they can not hear a word that their friend has said. The student does recognize, though, that these policies have been implemented for our safety.

“It was nice to be able to see my friends during lunch, even though we were socially distanced,” said senior Bianca Sanz.

Senior Sofia Farres also enjoyed her two lunch session this week.

It’s great to eat Sage Dining again,” Farres said. “I think it saved my 2020.

“I ate outside the first day and inside the second. I definitely felt safe eating outside. I sat with a friend of mine who I know has been social distancing and it was perfect. We put our masks back on the second we finished eating. It was great, but really hot so I decided to try inside.

“I felt safe with the plexiglass but it made me slightly uncomfortable that so many people were in the same room eating at the same time so I’m not sure if I’m gonna eat inside again, but it was extremely organized and you can tell that there was a lot of thought put into the procedures.”