Zayn’s new song “Better” came out on Friday


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Last Friday, September 25th former One Direction singer Zayn Malik released a new single called “Better.”

This is his first song released since 2018’s ‘Icarus Falls.” Fans had been waiting to listen to it since Zayn announced he is working on his third album.

“I really liked better because it had been a while since Zayn had released music and I feel like he has dedicated a lot of time to it,” said senior Arianne Cendon.

Many ILS students grew up listening to One Direction and are still fans of the boys.

Senior Sofia Arteaga liked the song and thinks this the most different song Zayn has released up to date.

“I really liked the song I thought it was more of like a different type of music that Zayn has released I thought it was very sentimental it really meant something to him o think it’s a very good song to listen to relax.”

Senior Lia Sarria doesn’t think it was Zayn’s best work.

“I thought the song was good but not his best work but it’s my opinion other people might think this is his best song.”

One day before the release of his new song it was announced Malik has become a father after welcoming a daughter with his girlfriend, US model Gigi Hadid.

Some fans think the new single was made for his daughter since having kids brings happiness and makes people’s life better.

“I do think think the song was made for his daughter because in the lyrics he mentions his life getting better and I guess a baby makes life happier,” said senior Alessandra Fernandez.

Others think the song is a relationship song.

“I don’t think this single was made for his daughter because of the lyrics I really don’t think it would be for a kid I think it’s more of a relationship song,” said Sofia Arteaga.