New Tiktok challenge with hit song “Pa Ti Lonely”


Camilla Diez, Editor

 On Friday September 25, the new hit song “Pa Ti Lonely” by Jennifer Lopez and Maluma came out along with a new Tiktok challenge starring Charli D’amelio.

The new hit song “Pa Ti Lonely” by Jlo and Maluma was a long awaited song by many fans. This is a double video song meaning that the first song is just “Pa Ti” and when the second video begins it’s called “Lonely.”

The music video opens up with Charli D’amelio grabbing her phone and seeing the music video on Tiktok. With that, Charli began the #patichallenge that now has more than one billion views. 

“When I saw that Charli was staring in the video I went straight to YouTube and saw the whole music video. The music video is great and the song is very catchy,” said senior, Andrea Ulivi. 

Charli D’amelio is a Tiktok influencer with more than 90 million followers. Jlo decided to choose Charli to not only star in her video but as well start the new challenge that in only 6 days has 35,000 videos created using that song.

“Adding Charli to the music video got them a lot more views because so many kids look up to her so they really want to see it. Also, I thought it was great idea for Charli to be the one to begin the challenge because everyone likes copying her dances,” said senior, Carla Valdano.

This music video is a new hit, and already has thousands of people listening to it and now with this new challenge it’s even better.