ILS Students Transition Back on Campus


Holland Ramos, Writer

As “normalcy” slowly starts to come back into our lives, many ILS students were able to make their way back to campus for a hybrid schedule this past week. After six long months of not being on campus, it’s no shock that many students found the transition back to campus to be a very different experience.     

With not much to expect senior Gaby Echarri was excited to get her foot on the gas  with a chance of having a semi-normal senior year. Although she was filled with excitement, Echarri mentioned she was a little nervous to see her classmates after not seeing them for such a long time.

“Going back was definitely an adjustment for all, especially adapting to taking new routes to classes after getting used to taking the way I pleased for three years,” said Echarri.

The new protocols include from walking to classes or even the bathroom consists of having to follow specific arrows in order to get to your designated class or building.

Sophomore Valentina Santarelli also agreed, along with many others, that while returning onto campus, the hardest time adjusting to with the set routes you must take. 

Santarelli, along with sophomore Alfonsina Santucho, have been excited to come back but there is a part of them that would rather stay virtual. 

The two of their reasonings for this is with teachers having to Zoom in class, it still feels difficult to connect with teachers and learning environment over all.