On Campus Social Distancing Pathway Routes


Noor Andre, Editor

As students are going back to campus, ILS has developed several procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. One being specific walking routes the ILS community will follow while on campus to maintain social distancing. 

“It is important for students to follow these routes because the routes were designed to help with social distancing and to maintain the least 2-way ‘traffic’ as possible. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy,” says Ms. Varese, Dean of students. 

There are going to be green or yellow arrows on the floor directing where you should be walking, make sure to always follow the direction the arrow is pointing.  

We want to keep everyone safe and healthy”

— Dean of Students, Ms. Varese

Senior Sofia Farres came back to campus in the beginning of this week and has already remembered the new pathways. 

“Adjusting to the new norms was easier than I thought it’d be. It was definitely an adjustment but after the two days I think I’ve gotten the hang of it,” says Farres. 

Starting from the main building, if you want to go up or down, you should use the side stairs. When you want to  exit the main building, you should use the middle stairs. Reminder that you are leaving both the girls or boys bathroom and going back to class, you should use the side stairs and not the middle stairs. 

In the breezeway, there are three entrances to the cafeteria, two of those doors will say enter here while one says do not enter. When exiting the cafeteria, use the door that says exit only into the breezeway. 

In the 400/500, 600/700, and 800/900 building there are two sets of stairs, each flight of stairs has an arrow on it. The stairs with the arrow pointing up will only be used to go up. The other stairs with the  arrow pointing down will only be used to go down. 

To get to the gym, you have to go through the senior parking lot and use the main entrance. Students leaving the 800 building can also follow a pathway to the gym. 

To get to the retreat center, you can either go around the slc from the main building or take a right from the 600/700 building and use the path near the softball field. Leaving the retreat center, you can either go into 800/900 building and use the bridge or go through the senior parking lot. 

Freshman Gonzalo Eulate is on campus for the first time and has had a good start. 

“It’s been a good start, the specific rules can get frustrating but I think that we all understand that they’re placed for a specific purpose and to take care of us,” said Eulate. 

Here’s Mr. Rydborn video explaining and demonstrating these walking routes: