Regal Cineworld Cinema Closing


Olga Cortes, Writer

In light of COVID-19, many business have had to close due to the lack of customers and resources. Unfortunately, Regal Cineworld Cinema is closing down on October 8. The company is closing locations all over the United States and England.

Studios have been postponing their release dates for movies because of social distance protocols that must be taken limiting the amount of people that can be in a theatre at a time.

These theaters have been a staple in the lives of many since the chain first opened in 1989 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Many people are sad to see the cinema go.

“I think it’s super sad that the regal cinema is closing down. I remember going to watch movies at the one on Lincoln Road as a kid. It’s sad to see so many businesses I grew up going to closing down because of the pandemic,” says Sofia Farres, an ILS senior.

Now, less than two months after first beginning to reopen after the mandatory government shut down, the second largest film exhibition in the U.S. according to NPR, will be closing it’s doors and letting go of approximately 45,000 employees.

Five Regal Cinemas locations will be shutting down in Miami-Dade County, including: South Beach, the Falls, Kendall Village, Southland Mall, and Westfork.

It is truly unfortunate that Regal Cinemas have had to close, but on the bright side, AMC Theaters still remain open, and anyone looking to see a movie in theaters can go to AMC in Sunset Place, Tamiami, or Hialeah.