Hispanic Heritage Shifts to Virtual Celebration


Senior Katia Perez-Sanchez and Ms. De La Rosa dancing the afternoon away at Feria Latina.

Mia Castellon, Writer

ILS students are invited to participate in a Hispanic Heritage Celebration on Wednesday, October 21st.

Members of the ILS community look forward to Feria Latina every year. Due to social distancing rules, there have been some changes. To keep the tradition alive, even in students’ homes, there will be a VIRTUAL Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

To honor Hispanic Heritage, there will be a dress down on Wednesday, October 21st. Students are invited to wear a t-shirt that is related to Hispanic Heritage. This could be a favorite singer, a map, a flag, or a soccer team from a Spanish speaking country.

For hybrid students, Sage will be providing ILS with foods from Hispanic cultures. This will be available for the next two weeks.

“I think it’s nice that ILS is still making an effort in these times to have some fun with us,” said junior Gabriela Danger.

Students are also invited to share videos and pictures that showcase their Hispanic Heritage. Photos can be from a visit to a Spanish speaking country, of an outfit typically worn in a Spanish speaking country, or of a Hispanic dish. Videos can be a student singing a Hispanic song, dancing, performing a funny skit, having a conversation with family or friends in Spanish, or a traditional Hispanic recipe.

Teachers will integrate cross-curricular activities in their classes in an effort to connect the Hispanic Heritage Celebration to other disciplines besides World Languages.

“For my class, we’re going to integrate the Hispanic Heritage Celebration into English IV by looking at the use of Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey in Disney’s animated film ‘Coco’ (2017),” said English teacher Mr. David Fernandez.

Photos and videos may be submitted through the dropbox link found on the flyer for the Hispanic Heritage Celebration.