ILS Golf Team Plays Well at District Championship


Olga Cortes, Writer

Last week on October 13, the ILS Golf team participated in their District Championship. The team ultimately placed fifth place I the competition.

The Royal Lions golfers played exceptionally well, especially considering that their season was cut short by COVID-19. The team is a part of one of the most competitive districts in Florida, so they needed to be on their A-game.

Sadly, the team did not win. But the team was able to put in some good scores.

The girls team got off to a good start. Sophomore Carly Costaregni scored a 94 which put her at 15th overall. Other scores from the girls team include: Senior Emiliana Chediak with a score of 102 and junior Mariana Naranjo who scored a 118. Seniors Emily Fernandez and Veronica Eulate both finished with 125. Overall ILS came 5th in the district, with the top 3 schools advancing to regionals.

Chediak, Fernandez and Eulate, who are all seniors, were playing in their last district tournament after helping to start the golf program four years ago.

“I want to congratulate the three seniors on a great career and for all the help they gave in getting the golf program going,” said ILS AD Nick Fernandez.

Junior Peter Hellebrand also finished the match strongly for the boys team, with two birdies on the last five holes and a score of 83. He finished in 7th place overall and qualified for the State Regional match.

“Congrats to all the golfers for this season. It wasn’t the season we had hoped for, but you all made the most of it. Thanks once again to those who will be leaving the team as they close out the time at ILS. Big thanks to all the parents who came out to support the team, it was great to see,” said AD Fernandez.

Due to the disruption COVID-19 has caused, it has been hard for the team to build momentum.

“It’s been tough, luckily golf being an individual sport, the kids were able to get out in their own time and improve their game,” said ILS Golf coach Mr. James Rydborn. “We weren’t able to have group practices to help with both the schools and the golf courses rules with COVID, so the team momentum and camaraderie may not have been there due to the lack of team play, but the girls team have been together for a few years now.”

Thankfully, the team played fantastic and there’ll be more games to come. Make sure to continue reading the Royal Courier for coverage on regionals and other 2020-2021 school year sporting events!