Homecoming: Theme Wednesday


Eliza Lee, Writer

Wednesday of Homecoming Week will revolve around each grades’ individual theme and the skit they have planned for it. This is the third day of Homecoming week. Here are the themes:

Overall Theme: Music Genres

Freshmen: Latin 

Sophomores: Country

Juniors: Rock n’ Roll

Seniors: Hip Hop

For the faculty, each department has a different genre. Among them, the English department is Classical, the Tech department is Blue, and Theology is Funk. Math is Disco, Science is EDM, Social Studies is Jazz, Guidance is Gospel, Fine Arts is Reggae, Athletics is Swing and Foreign Language is Opera. Admin and the Office Staff are Pop. The faculty genres were determined at random.

Each grade will dress up during virtual school according to their respective themes. They should still be school-appropriate. Each class gets more points for more people dressing up, so be sure to participate to win Color Wars!

Classes will be a modified Day 3 schedule.

Each class will be 30 minutes with an additional F Block at the end of the day. During F Block, each skit will be screen-shared by teachers for students and judges to watch. Judges will use the app Loom for judging to share their thoughts and opinions. The opinions and winners will be released on Friday during F Block.

Make sure to dress up in your theme to set your grade up to win!