Harry Styles Hits 19M Views on Golden Music Video


Olga Cortes, Writer

On October 26, 2020, at 12:00 pm, Harry Styles released his new music video for his song, “Golden.” The music video consists of Styles running, singing, and dancing all around the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 

This video brings a happy perspective on his music and other videos. His other videos, like Falling,  have been on the sadder side but Golden shows the happy side of Fine Line. 

Fans were shocked and had positive thoughts on the new and joyful point of view that Golden took.

“Most of the video to me was shocking. This video wasn’t like all of his other ones. His videos are usually pretty sad but this one you can tell that he was finally happy which was the whole point of the video,” said ILS sophomore Alessandra Merino.

“I thought it was AMAZING!!!!!! I think it is one of the best videos he has come out with. The video just made me so happy and it was overall just perfect,” said sophomore Samantha Baker-Ruiz. 

Harry Styles hit 19 million views in just a day after releasing the “Golden” music video. Fans all over had positive thoughts and absolutely loved the video. 

This video definitely showed a much happier side to Styles and his music. Fans are excited to see what more he has in store for them.