Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Positions’


Lia Sarria, Writer

Last week, Ariana Grande released a new song and video for her new album, “Positions,” that comes out Friday, October 30th.

She also released the track list and all the other artist featured on it, including: The Weeknd, Doja Cat, and Ty Dolla $ign.

The album was a surprise to her fans when she randomly announced on social media the good news. She also revealed the track list from Twitter and Instagram:

  1. “Shut up”
  2. “34+35”
  3. “Motive” feat. Doja Cat
  4. “Just Like Magic”
  5. “Off the Table” feat. The Weeknd
  6. “Six Thirty”
  7. “Safety Net” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  8. “My Hair”
  9. “Nasty”
  10. “West Side”
  11. “Love Language”
  12. “Positions”
  13. “Obvious”
  14. “POV”

Last Friday, October 23rd, Grande dropped the single “Positions,” which led to her music video being released. The music video took place with Grande as the the president of the United States while running around the White House.

When asked about the album Senior Sofia Mendoza said: “Yes, I’m extremely excited because I’m ready for some new music with all the different featuring artist.”

This album seems to have a very upbeat energy to it with Grande talking about the new love in her life, Dalton Gomez. 

She’s extremely excited for this album and even tweeted: “I don’t have a top three or anything! Everything goes hand in hand.”

“This project is my favorite for many reasons and I really can’t wait for it to be yours. Thank you for your love and excitement, it means the world to me,” said Grande on Twitter.

Ty Dolla $ign also commented how it is an honor to work with her and how she invited him to the studio which they then wrote the song and recorded it same day.

Fans are ecstatic and are just waiting for the big day to listen to all the hard work she has been putting in these past few months.