Preview to Engineering STEAM Event


Noor Andre, Editor

In celebration of National STEAM Day this Sunday, ILS will be hosting Panel Discussions during F Block on Tuesday, Nov 10th. Professionals from a variety of fields will be joining via Zoom to discuss their educational journeys, career paths, and professional experiences in the areas of engineering, health science, digital arts, and global business.

The Engineering STEAM has many fun and exciting things planned for this event. 

“As vice president of the Engineering society, I can definitely say that we are giving it our all in making this activity fun and unforgettable,” says senior Lourdes Nieto-Ramos. 

This is a great enrichment opportunity and a way to participate in something you may find really interesting. It is also a good way to test how well you’d fit into an engineering career and if it interests you.

They will also have different activities such as a “Choose Your Own Engineering Track” game where you are set out into different breakout rooms with a host and you answer questions and play games. 

One of these games include but is not limited to Among Us. If that doesn’t interest you, they are also organizing a coding activity.

Please click on the link below to sign up for the event and feel free to submit any preliminary questions you may have for the guest speakers. On Tuesday morning you will receive an email with a Zoom link to the panel discussion that you signed up for. Please sign up by 2pm on Monday!

Registration for STEAM Professionals Panel Discussions