La Salle In Color


Camilla Diez, Editor

During Homecoming Week, on Tuesday November 3rd and Friday November 6th, both hybrid and virtual students participated in Color Wars that included La Salle in Color. This year Color Wars were split up in two days in order for both groups of hybrid, yellow and green cohort, to enjoy. 

On Saturday October 31st, students from each grade level picked up a cup of power with each color according to their grade level. Students decked out in their colors with a lot of school spirit. 

  • Freshman: Purple
  • Sophomores: Orange
  • Juniors: Blue
  • Seniors: Red

Students lined up around the track, while social distancing, and threw their colored powder onto the track. While, students at home took videos while throwing there powder outside their home.

“I loved seeing the senior spirit even though we have through so much, we still try to make the best of it and I loved the color run,” said senior Andrea Ulivi.

This year La Salle in Color was a bit different but nonetheless very special. Despite these differences, the school spirit throughout every class was amazing.

“I expected it to not really work out since last year we all ran around and threw the powder all over each other, but instead it was a memorable time since it’s our last year participating in this,” said senior Isabella Guardazzi.

This is the second year La Salle in Color takes place, and many students look forward to this. This year, the seniors, class of 2021 took the win.