ILS Classes to be Fully Virtual from 11/30 to 12/4


Ms. Spencer’s Yearbook class virtually meeting via Zoom.

Noor Andre, Editor

This year, Thanksgiving vacation will be from Monday, November 23rd to Friday, November 27th. Normally just a four-day weekend, Thanksgiving became a full week off from school this year. Following this break, all students will be asked to attend classes virtually from November 30th to Friday, December 4th. 

This virtual schedule is being implemented for all students so that everyone has enough time to enjoy their travels and/or Thanksgiving holiday with their families, while also being able to stay home afterwards for the appropriate amount of time that would ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Please remember that these scheduled virtual classes are not being implemented so that you extend your travels, but rather to stay home afterwards. 

In the last communication from the Archdiocese of Miami we were reminded of the current CDC guidelines that “large gatherings are not recommended and even small gatherings can be dangerous…CDC and the Archdiocese of Miami recommend small, outdoor celebrations that integrate safety protocols: frequent hand washing, use of face coverings and physical distancing.”

ILS principal, Sister Kim Keraitis, reinforced the Archdiocese’s position and reminded everyone to be grateful for what God has provided.

“Even though family gatherings and celebrations won’t be the same this year, we continue to thank God for all His graces and blessings, beginning with the blessings of family, faith and daily support of our ILS community,” Sr. Kim said.

Ms. Colette Varese, Dean of Students, also thanks the entire ILS community for following guidelines and keeping our campus safe. 

“THANK YOU! I say a HUGE THANK YOU to the students and adults of the ILS Family who follow the guidelines. Also, we must continue to be vigilant in our practices; What we are doing is working! Our campus is peaceful and that is a direct result of students and adults doing their part,” says Varese.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!