Mu Alpha Theta Tutoring: What are They Up To?


MAO hoodie owned by member Isa Juara

Gabriela Danger, Writer

Math is a subject that many students struggle with. At the same time, there are those who specialize in math. ILS takes full advantage of this with its math tutoring program run by the Math Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta.

According to Ana Ulivi, Vice President of MAO, the tutoring program’s goal is to mentor students and friends by “providing a safe space to fail and try again without feeling the pressure of always having to be right or being ‘judged’ by a superior.” She says encouraging friends of members and other students to come through emails is a good way to attract people who might want help.

I also asked Ulivi what she’d tell a student in need of reassurance. She replied “I always tell people not to be afraid to fail because that’s the best way to learn.. just keep getting small victories, and you’ll be ok.”

Another member, junior Erin Swan, says that to help her peers learn, she goes slowly step by step to simplify the problem and make it easier to understand. She also added that she finds the tutoring to be really rewarding “when students are finally able to understand what you help them with..”

“I’ve always been good at math, so I really like using my talents to help others.” Swan concluded.

An older member, senior Isabella Juara, says her favorite thing is the community she builds with the students and other tutors who use the service. She also said that if she were to need help, she would use MAO’s tutoring to help her. “They know how to help and motivate you to learn and improve math skills!”

Ms. Cannon, one of the club moderators, described MAO as a club that promotes an interest in math in a safe, welcoming place. “We strive to ‘serve through knowledge’.. [and] use our intellectual gifts to help those that need help with math.”

Ms. Quintero, also a moderator, describes Mu Alpha Theta as “more than an honor society, it is a space that fosters a love for math and service.” She says that their main mission is to create an environment that allows members to share that love with their peers.

To sign up for the tutoring program, use the app on your iPad called “Sign Up-MathLab”, and put in the time you’d like to be tutored. MAO offers both virtual (Zoom) and in person tutoring, in person being in the cafeteria. Be on the lookout for emails from the club, and maybe you can try this service for yourself!