Showbie was Tweakin’


Assignments were grayed out and students could not upload anything from third party apps.

Victoria Sosadias, Writer

Last week, a number of students were experiencing a major problem with Showbie: they couldn’t submit anything!

The ILS Tech Team named this glitch that occurred on Showbie “graying-out,” as when a student would go to submit an assignment on an open folder, the folder would show a grayed-out text.

Usually, when a folder displays gray text, it means that the assignment is now locked and can no longer be turned in. But, even if the assignment was open, the student could not submit their work into its designated folder.

”I was having issues turning in assignments for a few of my classes. Assignments would turn up grey and I could not click them,” said Sara Valdes, a sophomore at ILS, “but thankfully, my teacher was understanding about the Showbie issues.”

This happened to a vast amount of students, and this glitch really didn’t pick any favorites when it came to those affected.

“That remains a mystery,” said Mrs. Campos, Dean of Technology at ILS. “When problems occur, the tech team always tries to look for a pattern. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a consistent pattern at all, which was probably the most frustrating part for us. It left us continuing to look for answers and trying to test various scenarios.”

This issue didn’t just affect the students at ILS, however. This was happening to multiple schools that also use Showbie to turn in their work.

“We reached out to Showbie once we discovered it was beyond ILS, and that it must be an issue that went beyond our school. We reached out to Showbie, and they began looking at it as well. Thankfully they did discover a bug, and did create an update.” Campos said.

Now that this problem is fixed, students have since returned to business as usual, and we can thank our dedicated Tech Team for that! Remember that anytime you have a problem with your iPad, you should always submit a help ticket, because you might not be alone.