Tiny Owl Takes Free Trip to NYC on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree


Holland Ramos, Writer

A tiny owl is in rehabilitation after it was found hidden away in the branches of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree in New York City for three days.

With Christmas approaching very soon, the Rockefeller Christmas tree was put up as it is annually in New York City. Unexpectedly, the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in  Saugerties , New York, said they received a phone call on Monday morning from a wife of an employee working for the company that transports and secures the iconic tree in Rockefeller Center. 

On the call he said her husband had discovered a very small owl while at work. 

The 75-foot Norway spruce was cut down last week in Oneonta, New York, and loaded onto a massive trailer before making its way on a 170-mile road trip to Manhattan.  

The couple had assumed the owl (now named Rockefeller) was a baby due to the tiny size of it, but the wildlife center said it was an adult northern saw-whet owl, one of the smallest owl species in North America. 

The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center was able to come to this conclusion very quickly. 

“All baby owls are born in the spring, so the idea that there was a baby owl in November didn’t make sense,” the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

 The wildlife center, which focuses on rescuing, rehabilitation and releasing local wildlife back into their natural habitats, said Rockefeller will be released back into the wild once given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian.

“So far so good,” the center wrote on Facebook. “His eyes are bright and seems relatively in good condition with all he’s been through.”

Some today show fans voiced their opinion that the owl should have been named “ Owl Roker” after the famous American weather forecaster, Al Roker.

Although not everyone agrees with the tiny owls name, nobody can disagree that if the tree was good enough for an owl, it’s good enough for Christmas