Senior Outdoor Movie Night Postponed


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stay tuned for details on the ILS Senior Outdoor Movie Night!

Noor Andre, Editor

As the first semester is coming to an end, the senior class moderators wanted to plan an event for the senior class to enjoy. They were planning to host an outdoor movie night showing The Polar Express on next week on the last day of school, December 18th, on  the ILS track. 

It was decided to host an outdoor movie because they are unable to do a drive-in theatre. Unfortunately, according to the guidelines ILS follows, more than one person is not allowed in a vehicle. However, we acknowledge that these protocols set in place are important to keep our ILS community safe and healthy.

This event would be free of charge and would have a check in station where the students temperatures and health surveys would be checked. It would also follow all guidelines set in place at the time.

A survey was sent to the senior class asking if they would be able on to attend, would not be able to attend, or maybe. Due to the low number of participants able to attend next week, they have decided to postpone the event for January when we return from Christmas break. 

Senior class president, Eugenia Gonzalez, believes that the seniors should take the opportunity to attend all events so they don’t later regret all the things they missed because this year has shown us that we should take nothing for granted.

“Seniors should try to go to all these events because this is the situation that we are facing and we should make the best out of it and make as many memories as possible during our last year at La Salle,” says Gonzalez. 

Stay tuned for details on dates!