Christmas Table Setup Ideas


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Camilla Diez, Editor

With the Holiday season in full swing, a big part of it is decorating your tables for your guests. From place mats to center pieces, all of it is important to really get into the Christmas mood.

Decorating your tables during Christmas should include red, white, or even green. This pallet of colors allows your table to be Christmas themed.

When holiday shopping, you should really go out and look for decorations for your tables. The first thing you should look for is your center pieces.

“My mom has always been very passionate about setting up the Christmas tables since she hosts many lunch and dinners during the month of December,” said senior Isabella Guardazzi. “ I always watch her and then am able to decorate my own when I have my own Christmas celebrations with my friends,” she added.

For my table I used three vases with red flowers and seven candles. This allows the center to look simple but classy. Then, I added a beige table cloth instead of place mats.

For the plates, I used a red plate with white polka dots for decoration, using a basic white plate on top. My go to napkins have always been red, so I added a red napkin with a gold star napkin holder.

Lastly, I added a fork and a knife on each side with a red glass and small glass cups. This is a very simple table that was decorated for a Christmas themed lunch. It was the perfect color combinations.

You could use any colors you would like to, but I always like to use red as my base color. With that, you have your perfect Christmas table.

“My go to color has always been white because you can match it with anything, I could also throw in some red,” said Guardazzi.

For some table inspiration you could go to:

Get into the Christmas spirit and plan your table setup ahead!