ILS Staff Hang A Part Of Their Life On The Christmas Tree


Holland Ramos, Writer

The holidays are finally here and ILS facility and staff are in the Christmas spirit. On the week of December 7th-11th, faculty at Immaculata-La Salle high school were asked to hang a Christmas ornament that represents them on the tree located in the courtyard.

 This idea originated from a tradition done in Mrs. Ana Lourdes Garcia’s home annually, that she wanted to carry over to ILS this year. Mrs. Garcia brought up this idea to Mrs. Orelle to try and make this happen.

“We agreed that this was a wonderful way to come together even in these different times where we remain apart caring for each other’s well-being,“ said Mrs. Orelle.

The meaning behind this project was to represent ILS faculty’s different talents, hobbies and uniqueness that might not be seen in a day to day learning environment. Mrs. Orelle executed this thought by putting together a Google sheet with everyone’s name and asking department heads to identify something unique about each individual that they liked or a hobby. 

Choosing the ornaments for the teachers rather than them selecting it for themselves was done to create a surprise element, which is a traditional theme during the holidays. 

Mrs. Orelle and Mrs. Garcia couldn’t have done this without the help of their “elves.” Mrs. Crotty was also responsible for shopping for the list of ornaments selected for each teacher. 

On Monday, December 7th, the teachers finally got to be reveled and hang up their chosen ornaments. 

Mr. Balharry agreed that the star ornament represented him very well.

“It’s like a beacon of hope, showing humanity how to follow the light.I try to bring a positive teaching strategy to my social studies classes, having always present the Catholic Social Teachings,” said Mr. Balharry about his star ornament.

Coach Grosso was selected a US. Veteran ornament since he is a retired veteran. Mr. Shaheen was given an FSU ornament since he will forever hold alumni pride. Mrs. Rodriguez hung up a sewing machine ornament to represent her costume design class she teaches.

The list goes on for the well thoughtout ornaments ILS staff got to hang up on the “family tree.” This new tradition brought from Mrs. Garcia’a home was a new way to dazzle holiday spirit within the ILS community.