Up and coming hangout places for ILS Students


Future plans of CocoWalk

Noor Andre, Editor

Places near ILS such as CocoWalk and Sunset Place are on the rise and could become possible after school hang out places for ILS students. In the past, CocoWalk and Sunset Place were hotspots but after a couple years of going down their comeback is on the way.

The Shops at Sunset Place, a retail staple in South Miami was bought by the developer of retail-residential neighborhood Midtown Miami, Alex Vadia. The purchase went through on December 31st for $65.5 million.

Considering the buyer previously developed the successful Midtown Miami, the future of Sunset Place is hopeful.

Many ILS students have fond memories at Sunset Place and look forward to making new ones.

“As a kid, I always spent time there with family and friends so I’m very excited to see what’s coming,” says senior Sophia Rabelo.
CocoWalk is currently under renovation to bring back its liveliness with several shopping and entertainment venues such as fashion boutiques and trendy dining experiences.

Besides being one of the most scenic neighborhoods in Miami, Coconut Grove will return to also being one of the city’s hotspots.
The new renovation will include restaurants like Sushi Garage and Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza. They are seeking a renovated experience that includes art, entertainment, shopping and dining along with beautiful public spaces.

“I’m excited for a cool new place to go to with friends especially because it’s so close to school,” says senior Veronica Eulate.