Is Frank Ocean Retiring from Music and Fame Forever?


Lauren Fernández, Writer

Frank Ocean (33), a popular R&B and soul artist since 2010, might be ending his career in music and the spotlight due to the tragic death of his brother, Ryan Breaux (18) in a car crash in early August. While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans speculate that Ocean is retiring from fame. 

As much of an oxymoron as it sounds, Ocean is a ‘private celebrity’ to begin with. Paparazzi photos, tabloid coverage, and details of his personal life are largely unknown due to his private nature. After the devastating loss of his brother, Ocean shut himself out of the public eye even more. 

Fans clung to his four albums and 15 singles and anticipated another release, but are now seeing that new music might never come again. He cancelled and refunded all orders from his website and even deleted every photo from his Instagram page. 

One fan of Ocean’s music here at ILS, Charlize Ramos, said, “I think that it is important to respect his privacy, especially if one is truly a fan. If this is the end of his music career, it is very sad, but I am so appreciative for all the great songs we will be able to listen to forever.” 

The majority of Ocean’s fan base sympathize with him and understand why he might exit the spotlight. This being said, some (few) fans feel as though Ocean, being already famous, is obligated to continue his career as long as possible. 

Another fan at ILS, Beatriz Diez, reflected on some fans’ opinion on the matter and said, “… it’s fair to be upset that such an amazing artist might not release more music but I think understanding the situation is much more important.” 

Ocean’s music goes beyond a beautiful voice and amazingly relatable lyrics— to many, his music has been cathartic. 

Senior Natalia Fernandez said, “[i]t may sound absolutely ridiculous, but in some of my loneliest times, Frank has been there for me. His music has comforted me and given me motivation to keep on. Some of my happiest times have also been accompanied by Frank Ocean and his songs.” 

Although the idea that Ocean is retiring from his music career is a mere speculation, the news is still hard-hitting. Regardless of what happens in the future, the world was left with timeless music to celebrate his legacy for years to come.