SGA runs another successful Senior Leadership Day


Alyssa Abril, Writer

Last Tuesday, the ILS class of 2020 came together for Senior Leadership Day. The day was lead by the Student Government Association with a set of co-leaders chosen by the teachers. The day was filled with team-building activities and is one of the last encounter-style days the senior class will spend all together.

Through the event, students played games, and bonded in small groups. This day demonstrated how unified the class of 2020 truly is. The day was also used to form the leaders of tomorrow.

“Ultimately, you don’t have to be born with leadership, you just have to have that passion and drive to want to make a difference and be that person that takes the initiative,” said senior class president Isabella Falero.

Senior shenanigans during Senior Leadership Day.

The day began, as all things do at ILS, with a prayer then icebreaker activities to find the small groups. A sticker was put on students’ backs with their group and they had to communicate with one another without talking. This resulted in many funny hand gestures and was a great way for the students to break the “ice.”

Once everyone found their proper group, they participated in additional icebreaker activities. Throughout the day, the small group would be where the students would play games, talk, and ultimately debrief the large group activities.

The large group activities included the human knot, a game of ninja to establish the lunch order, talks, and even drawing a Class of 2020 coat-of- arms.

One of the most memorable activities for the students though was the balloon game. The objective of the game was simple, the balloon can’t touch the ground and no one person can hit it twice in a row. As the game proceeded and the groups blended together, spectators were able to see all the 17- and 18-year-old students transform into 10-year-olds and just have fun with each other.

Kiki Maribona, Class of 2019, returned to give a witness talk during Senior Leadership Day.

One of the witness talks was given by ILS alumni Kiki Maribona, Class of 2019. Maribona shared her experiences with her former schoolmates, describing in detail how her time at ILS provided the necessary foundation for her success in college. Maribona is a freshman at Nova Southeastern and plays on the women’s soccer team there.

“I would say senior leadership day was pretty good if I’m honest,” said senior Hector Gonzalez. “The balloons really got everyone together and the activities got me talking to people I thought I wouldn’t talk to that much. It was chillin’. I liked it.”

By the end of the day, all the students were tired from the fun-filled day but were also united and ready to take on their senior year together and be the leaders of the school.