ILS Lacrosse Season Preview

Ils Lacrosse coaches and players prepare for upcoming season


The ILS lacrosse team prepares for the 2021 season with a new head coach.

Ryan Desalle, Writer

As the ILS Lacrosse team prepares for there upcoming season, the athletes and coaches are working constantly to acquire a successful season.

Beginning with a lot of stick work fundamentals, defense, and conditioning. Coach Ierardi is preparing these men for anything possible this season.

“Since we will have a small team, everyone will have to step up and be conditioned enough to stay out on the field for extended periods of time if we need them to,” stated new Head Coach, Mr. John Ierardi, a science teacher at ILS.

Mr. Jose Companioni, another ILS teacher who is in the Math and Science departments, will be the assistant coach this season.

While preparing for the season the team is practicing foot work drills, ground ball and passing on the run drills, and incorporating a lot of man up offense and man down defense drills.

The team is expected to start off their season right here in ILS territory, on February 18th, against Coral Shores. This game could potentially be a strong win if the team focuses on there main weaknesses.

“I am expecting to see a lot of growth this season. Most of the team is young and have never played before but after a week of practice, most have already grasped the fundamentals of the game,” said Coach Ierardi.

With COVID-19 still live and active players must follow specific protocol to remain safe while practicing and games. Players’ temperatures are checked when they arrive on campus, they fill out a questionnaire regarding symptoms prior to practice, and facemarks are worn by players and coaches when social distancing is not possible or players do not have helmets on.

As long as the team listens to their coaches and focuses during practice, this season will be phenomenal for the teams and the ILS Community.