New Netflix show ‘Lupin’


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

“Lupin” came out on January 8th, 2021, and it’s a series about a gentleman thief in France who wants revenge.

The first scene is The Louvre at night. Cleaning crews come in through a subterranean entrance and grab their supplies. Assane Diop (Omar Sy) is one of those janitors. He marvels at the works of art as he mops and dusts. One in particular has caught his eye, a necklace that was once a gift from King Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette.

The next time we see Assane, he’s talking to his ex Claire about the fact that he has a job, he then throws a stack of euros on the table for alimony and child support of their teenage son Raoul.

Then he goes to the gangsters he borrowed the money from Vincent (Gregorie Colin), Kevin (Kamel Guenfoed) and Rudy (Arthur Choisnet) and, upon threat of being dropped from 10 stories up, Assane tells them how they could score huge and they just need to follow his plan on how to rob Marie Antoinette’s necklace when it goes up for auction at the the Louvre.

We then get a flashback to 1995 where Assane’s father Babakar was starting to work as a driver to the Pellegrini family. The mother of the Pellegrini family tells Babakar to take a book and give it to Assane. Babakar chooses Arsène Lupin: Gentlemen Burglar. However the dad of the Pellegrini family treats Babakar poorly when the necklace that the family has owned for years goes missing he accuses Babakar of stealing it.

The day the necklace goes up for auction, Assane is actually in the audience while three thugs do the dirty work. Assane sees the Pellegrinis’ daughter Juliette, who gave him his first kiss many years back when she was an older teenager curious to know what it was like to kiss a black guy.

As part of his plan, he’s a bidder and wins the necklace for €60 million, with no intention of paying it. The three thugs double cross Assane and escape with the necklace only to get caught. That’s when we learn more about us and then we knew in the first 40 minutes of the first episode.

What’s different and good about this show is that it’s not just a show about an expert thief who wants the big score or the one that will send him into retirement. Assane has a motivation to get out of the business of being a thief, but stealing the Marie Antoinette necklace is more than just making a big score; it’s personal. He knows that Monsieur Pellegrini has no evidence that his father stole the necklace 25 years ago.

Students that have watched the show have mixed opinions.

“I have three words to describe it: I loved it,” said senior Cesar Alfonso.

“I don’t get the hype in this show it’s so bad there’s no interesting scenes I honestly think the show is only good because it’s filmed in Paris,” said Martina Gutierrez.

If you enjoy movies like mission impossible and 007 watch Lupin you will definitely enjoy it!