SALTT’s Valentine’s Day Field Trip


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

This past Thursday, February 11th, ILS students met with SALTT kids through Zoom to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Every year students that are in SALTT visit The Guatemalan-Maya Center kids up north and play and do fun activities with them. This year due to COVID students couldn’t go see the kids in person so they had to do a Zoom meeting with them.

They first made little monsters and colored them, then the kids had to decorate a valentine day card to write to at least one of their teachers and then another one to their whole family. After they played a Valentine’s themed bingo and watched A Charlie Brown Valentine.

Although students couldn’t be with the kids in person they were still thankful to see the kids.

“The meeting was super good like I’m so grateful and I love how we’re able to participate even with everything going on with COVID,” said senior Justina Santucho

Senior Charlize Ramos wishes she could’ve seen the kids in person since this is her last year at ILS.

“The meeting was very fun I’m so glad I got to see the kids I hadn’t seen since last year in the summer although I wish it could be in person since this is my last but it was still really fun to see their faces and get so excited with the activities,” she said.

Senior Oriana Davila thinks the meeting was great since they were able to make it special for the kids and the students.

“I liked the meeting a lot because all of us on the executive board were able to put everything in order so that this special day would be given both for them, the kids and for us. The best part of the meeting was to see the kids again with a smile from ear to ear,” she said.

Hopefully COVID is gone soon and seniors are able to see the kids and play with them in person before they graduate.