Bias In The Media


Olga Cortes, Writer

Should newspapers and news websites be biased and display their opinions in articles where their opinion is not needed?

Authors of news articles should allow the reader to create their own opinion on certain topics. An opinion is not a fact, so there is no wrong answer in regards to what you believe in. Why should you have to base your opinion on someone else’s opinion?

News should give the reader all of the information that happened in current events. For example, if I want to read about what happened in the capital, I want to read about the events that took place, like how the people got in and if people were hurt. I do not want to read about how the raid was “a failed self-coup previously seen in dying regimes.”

Unfortunately, there are some news sites, in which they do not depict all of the information and leave important details out. This does not allow the reader to create a full opinion on a topic since key information is missing.

Fortunately for everyone in the world, the internet is full of different resources. So if one new site does not fulfill your expectations or does not have enough information to completely form an opinion, there are many other sites to choose from.

In journalism, journalists need to have credibility. Credibility is the ability to inspire belief and trust. The journalist needs to have credible sources so that the readers believe their news. If the journalist does not have credible resources, then what’s the point of reading their article?

If the author does not use credible sources then their information can be biased, which makes their article coincidentally biased.

Honestly, not all articles that use the author’s opinion are bad. Articles like movie reviews, the author’s opinion is the entire article. Readers read these articles just for the opinion of the reviewer. What is the point of a movie review without the actual review? It is like a comedy show with no comedy. It is pointless.

Opinions from the authors can be helpful to readers. Some people may need to see both sides of a story to fully form their opinion. But this makes no sense. Everyone is going to have an opinion on everything. It’s inevitable. If authors just gave facts and kept their opinions themselves, then people would have their own opinions and be their person.

We have to let people become their people. Authors should not be telling readers what to think. People should be allowed to form their own opinions.

I understand that we have the freedom to express our opinions but there is a fine line between expressing an opinion and telling people what to think. Some of these biased articles give the reader little information on the topic and then give their opinion for the rest of the article.

These news articles don’t give the reader enough information but it does give the reader more than enough of the author’s opinion.

If I wanted to read an opinion article, I would read all the op-eds on the internet.

If I am looking for a news article, I certainly am expecting to see an article with information that states facts and recalls the events. I would also want to see some interviews with people from the event.

I certainly do not want to see an article with little to no information but instead, more than half of the article is filled with the opinion of the author.

Biased articles should be left to reviews, not news. Authors should not influence opinions, and should be left for the reader to form.