Tiktok Should Be Banned


Camilla Diez, Editor

Tiktok is just another way to destroy this new generation.

We aren’t realizing that TikTok is wasting our time. It’s wasting valuable time where we can be doing homework, sleeping, or playing sports. It’s taking away our time because the concept of the app is too pass the time like the tick tock of the clock, hence the apps name.

I find myself looking at Tiktok for hours without even realizing how many hours have gone by. I’m going to sleep at a much later time and struggling with homework and you probably are too. I don’t get enough time to study and I know that this is a concern for many parents out there as well as students like me.

You may be asking yourself why delete the app if you can get easy fame, ease money, and millions of views. Well that’s because that’s the only good side to it. Yes you can be making money and get famous for a stupid video you posted, but do you know the impact you’re making on yourself.

No, you don’t. It’s not a good impact.

You just think that getting famous is the way to go and that money buys you happiness. I understand that people make money off of this and your happy that way but it’s just not good for our minds. It doesn’t give us any knowledge.

Instead of gaining knowledge we are loosing it. We don’t seem to understand that this app not only distracts us for hours but is also very exposing. How is it exposing? Well let’s just talk about all the foul language it is teaching young children. Also inappropriate dances are being taught to kids that are also posting videos doing it.

What we don’t seem to get is that this app is completely destroying our generation. Technology has already destroyed this new generation and the ones coming, but this app is just another factor. I find myself sitting in class looking at Tiktok and making videos instead of paying attention or doing classwork. We just aren’t realizing what a waste of time this app is.

Tiktok is making people addicted to get nothing useful out of it. It’s just like watching a comedy with no storyline or good content. You just keep your mind shut and watch videos that have comedy punches only. Yes, the app is funny and interesting and most importantly addictive.

Is Tiktok helpful to your daily life? No. Do you gain knowledge from using it? No. So then what’s the point.

Even our school has Tiktokers who get paid, and I’m sure it’s very time consuming to have to post videos daily. Wait did you think about that for a second? You’re taking time out of your day to stand in front of a camera and dance and you’re getting paid to do that.

That’s just insane.

It’s not just getting in the way of school but also your social life. How many times have you made plans with your friends and each one of you are on your phones watching Tiktoks? Plenty of times. Why? Because it’s addicting. Instead of talking and doing productive things look what you’re doing, sitting in front of a screen watching who’s on your for you page.

Dancing isn’t the only thing that people do for fame on Tiktok. I’ve seen a video where two girls filmed themselves in a car crash where the car was flipped over. Yes you did read that right, and again all for the fame. Just to mention one of the crazy things I’ve seen and you’ve probably seen too.

Not to mention everyone is obsessed with trying to get on people’s for you page, that’s basically the goal. So, doing videos in school like “Private school check”are people’s go to videos especially here at La Salle. We’ve all seen it so don’t even try to hide the fact that you either recorded one or watched one.

Parents should be worried about this taking over there children’s time. Are your kids doing poorly in school? You have found the reason. Yes, Tiktok. Of course. If I set up a camera in my room to see how many hours a day I watch Tiktok instead of studying or doing homework it would be quiet embarrassing.

Before watching Tiktok again think about it twice, think about how it’s ruining this generation. Tiktok, you’re harming our knowledge.