A COVID-friendly Tricky Tray


Camilla Diez, Editor

On Thursday March 18th Tricky Tray will take place from 6-10 pm on the ILS Athletic Field filled with raffles, gift baskets, food, and more.

Tricky Tray is an annual event where parents are invited to a Basket Extravaganza. This year due to Covid restrictions, this event will take place on the ILS field taking all the necessary precautions to make it fun and safe.

“Tricky Tray is a traditional ILS Fundraiser that brings families and Alumni out for a fun social gathering,” said Kelly Gold, ILS parents liaison. “Each family is asked to create a “Out of the Box” Themed Creative Basket filled with items of their choice,” she added.

This event is being organized by Kelly Gold who is the parent liaison and fundraiser for all school events, as well as parent volunteers. This event is being used as a fundraiser for the new Athletic Facility and Fine Arts building.

This year this event will only be for parents. There will over 150 baskets and SAGE will be serving BBQ on the field for parents to enjoy on their night out.

“Due to Covid 19 guidelines this event will be only for parents. I hope to be able to have students participate once again in the future,” said Gold.

In order to make this Basket Extravaganza possible, parents of Freshmen, Sophomore’s, and Juniors are required to make a gift basket using a minimum of $40. Senior parents have the option of creating a basket or paying $40 online.

Basket Drop off’s will take place starting Monday, February 22nd all the way through Friday, March 5th while students are being dropped of from 6:45 am until 8 am. Baskets could be dropped off in front of the cafeteria or ILS Track. Virtual students could drop them off in the main office.

While dropping off baskets, parents are asked to attach receipt with students name and grade in order for parents to receive PIP points.

Raffle went on sale on February 16th and will also be sold on the day of the event.

Buy your tickets and enjoy a night out filled with raffles, baskets, and food!