March Madness Recap


Olga Cortes, Writer

Sadly, March Madness is over. Here’s what you have missed over the past month.

SGA sponsored this fun month of dress-down weeks. Each week the classes came up with a theme for the students to dress down. The first week was Wellness Week. The juniors created this week for the rest of the school. 

On Monday, March 1st, Motivational Monday occurred, which was also a video played during the morning announcements by Jude Servius. Students came to school in pajamas and listened to some calming music during lunch.

On the 2nd, Talk About It Tuesday was aired on the morning announcements by Jude Servius. The dress-down theme was monochrome, which is where you were different shades of the same colors. Students were supposed to wear a color that calmed them. 

During F block, students were able to make vision boards and letters of appreciation. The junior class created videos to help guide their peers.

Thursday, the 4th, Think About It Thursday was aired during the morning announcements by Servius. Students also came to school in monochrome outfits.

Lastly, Friday, the 5th, Feel Good Friday was aired on the morning announcements Servius. Students came to school in very comfy pajamas.

Throughout the entire week, posters of mental health awareness were put all over the school.

Throughout the week of March 8-12, the Freshmen hosted Tropical Week. For students who went to school on Monday and Thursday, the theme was Lilo and Stitch! For students who went to school on Tuesday and Friday, the theme was Teen Beach!

Movies and music were played during lunch.

The sophomores held Spy Week. Students. Students who went on yellow cohort were able to come dressed as an undercover spy on Monday. On Tuesday, students were able to dress like the famous video game, Among Us and the characters apart of it. 

Students who attended the green cohort were able to dress in camo to blend into their surroundings on Thursday. On Friday students also came dressed as Among Us characters. Spy movies were played during lunch and kids were able to play Among Us during F block.

Lastly, the seniors held The Royal Vault. On Tuesday, the theme was through the ages. Freshmen were asked to come dressed as babies. Sophomores as ghosts, Juniors came in college sweaters, and seniors came dressed as senior citizens. 

Wednesday was Game Day. This day was full of activities. Freshmen played soccer on the main track, sophomores played volleyball in the practice field, juniors played capture the flag & spikeball in the main field, and the seniors played kickball in the practice field.

Thursday, students were asked to dress up as to how they envision their occupation in the future. 

Lastly, Friday was Spirit Day. Students were able to dress in their class colors. Freshmen came dressed in purple. Sophomores ca,e dressed in orange. Juniors came in blue. Seniors came in red and their royal crowns.

Senior Emma Obregon said: “My favorite week was Spy Week! I really enjoyed the different decorations and activities the sophomores planned for that week. However, it was the Spy Day that really made their the best in my opinion.”

Students seemed to have a great month spending it in fun and comfortable costumes!