How to Deal with Senioritis


Lia Sarria, Writer

Every year, seniors are struck with a made up sickness called ‘senioritis’. This “sickness” gives the seniors no motivation to do their work around the end of the school year.

Senior Erika Austin feels “senioritis is ultimately a joke, but for seniors it is a very real thing that can actually effect our grades.”

As hard as it may be, here are five tips on how to cope with it:

1. Realize colleges are still looking at our grades and can take away our acceptance letters.

Finally going to college is something every kid dreams of, but getting accepted seems to be the relief everyone looks for. It doesn’t stop their because admissions can be taken away if you don’t keep your grades up so in order to keep that acceptance you must keep doing your assignments and studying.

2.   Don’t leave things for the night before they are due.

Some nights there is no going around senioritis so in order to keep up with your class work/homework try and do it before the night it is due. This will help because if you do feel you have no motivation to do it you have an extra day.

3. Communicating with your teachers is crucial.

Talking to your teachers or emailing them can sometimes help in these situations. If you feel you have a work overload tell them and see if they can give you a day extension.

“Some of my teachers have genuinely understood that it can be a lot to graduate and sometimes we need a little break or extension,” said senior Cristina Fanfani.

4. Be organized with what work you need to do and when it is due.

When your organized and aware of your surroundings the things around you tend to feel less stressful. If you know what’s assigned and when it’s due, that gives you more time to prepare and get it done.

5. Believe in yourself and remind yourself that the year is almost over.

Reassuring yourself that all this work will soon be over is an amazing way to get motivated. Thinking about how summer is just around the corner and you can have all your fun once you graduate is the perfect tip.

Senior Dominic Sorondo deals with it by “Reminding myself about all the hard work I’ve put in through the past years and to not let it all go to waste.”

Every senior class has gone through this and has still graduated. We all need to keep ourselves and each other in check.

For seniors this really is your last year of having that high school experience adults always talk about. Instead of dreading it and moping around try to genuinely enjoy it and do everything you can to make it amazing.