‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Re-“Cap”


Eliza Lee, Writer

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is over as of April 23rd: let’s look at what it means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


TFATWS’s six-episode run has concluded in the announcement of Captain America 4, greater than the show’s fans could hope for. This announcement comes after Anthony Mackie’s character, Sam Wilson, sheds his wings for the shield and adopts the Captain America mantel at the end of episode 5.

Now, to re-“cap” (get it… cause….):

In TFATWS, we get a glimpse of a post-blip world, and a movement headed by Karli Morgenthau, a girl-turned super soldier-turned revolutionary leader.

The show addresses the effects of the blip and return on the common people, Bucky’s progression away from the Winter Soldier programming, and the history of the Super Soldier program in America—after Steve Rogers “died” in the ice.

John Walker, a soldier who becomes the “new” Cap, and loses his title, adopts his comic moniker given to him by Madam Hydra: U.S. Agent. We are also introduced to Joaquin Torres, who helps Sam in his missions.

Characters who were involved in Civil War like Zemo and Sharon Carter (who is revealed to be the Power Broker, a crime boss ruling over the country of Madripoor) also make appearances and move the show to its end.

What does this mean for Earth 616 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Well…Sam Wilson is Captain America! Although we are still in the dark about Steve Rogers’ status as alive or dead, Sam fufilled Steve’s task for him. Joaquin Torres has been given the Falcon wings, provoking speculation that the tv character will take on the wings as he does in the comics. New Captain and new Falcon.

Bucky has made his amends with the people he affected while being the Winter Soldier, completing his arc. Sharon Carter has also been pardoned by the U.S. Government for her actions in helping Steve during Civil War…while still being the Power Broker.

After the cameo of Madam Hydra, it is presumed that Hydra still exists…and John Walker is working for them. The threat of Hydra is the overarching villain of all Captain America movies, so it would make sense for Marvel to continue this theme through the franchise.

Royal Courier interviewed students who watched the show to know their thoughts on it.

Senior Ana Santana said: “The plot was over all interesting. Zemo was good comedy relief. I loved Bucky and Sam’s dynamic…and the way that the older gentleman’s story was finally heard and told, I think that was very important with tying everything into place. As for Karli, she was a good character but she seemed kinda lost herself by the end. John Walker…low key redeemed himself.

“But I don’t think that they should have antagonized him the entire series just to have him end up as an agent….it felt like an unnecessary side plot. He should’ve either gone full baddie or just not have gone that dark…. Also, absolutely clarifying: Sam is Captain America and I love that—the new suit is awesome too.”

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is even further proof of Marvel’s emerging range of media, as well as the commitment to fully sketch out the vast world of Earth 616.