Seniors Making Their College Decisions!


Sofia Farres, Editor-in-Chief

As the May 1st College Decision Day approaches, many seniors are committing to their future colleges! Once students accept their offer and pay the deposit to the college, they are officially committed to the college of their choice. 

All of the seniors’ decisions are being featured on the ILS 2021 Seniors Instagram page.

Seniors Belen Gonzalez, Emma Obregon, and Ava Chandler are among those who have finalized their decisions and are extremely excited for this next chapter of their lives. 

Gonzalez will be attending Fordham University in New York and will be majoring in Environmental Policy with a minor in Theater. 

“I chose my major because ever since I was little I cared so much about the world and what was happening to it and I was inspired to help bring a change to the harm our planet is experiencing,” said Gonzalez. “However I also didn’t want to give up my dream to perform on a stage so I decided to do both!”

Despite some fears, Gonzalez is ready for a change. 

“I’m most nervous about being far away from home, but I’m also excited to experience living in a new city. I’m also excited to live in a cold place again and have a wide variety of classes I can choose from,” said Gonzalez. 

Obregon will be attending the Kilachand Honors College in Boston University and majoring in History with a Pre-Med Track. 

“I chose BU because it was the place that was giving me multiple opportunities to succeed not only professionally but personally. At BU I will be able to follow my passions in both science and the liberal arts due to the nature of the college,” said Obregon. “Overall, BU really is the best fit for me, and I cannot wait to join the Class of 2025 in the fall. Go terriers!” 

Obregon is enthusiastic and ready to learn as much as she can once she gets to college by taking classes that relate to her track and major.  

“Although it is an unconventional path I believe that having a liberal arts education is crucial for a more empathetic healthcare career. Medicine is not solely about the science of it all, but about caring for those at their most vulnerable points,” said Obregon. 

“Therefore, having a wide-scale understanding of others is critical for once in for all start dismantling the healthcare disparities that today, more than ever, we experience,” she continued. 

The experience will definitely bring a lot of new opportunities for Obregon, but she is ready to live her time in college to the fullest. 

“I am very excited and nervous about meeting my four roommates whom I will be sharing a dorm at Kilachand Hall. As an only child it is quite new to share a room, but I cannot wait to do so and get to know new people,” said Obregon. 

Chandler will be attending Loyola University Chicago and majoring in Film and Digital Media. 

She feels the school is the perfect fit for her to grow and pursue her career in filmmaking. 

“What I’m most nervous about for college is leaving all my friends behind, my comfy bed, and my dogs,” said Chandler. “I’m excited about meeting new people, taking different classes, and exploring a city I’m not familiar with.” 

For the most part, seniors are getting excited as they commit to their respective colleges despite the inevitable nervousness that comes with beginning a new experience. 

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